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Peddling Along Singing

Just coming up on the I-695 interchange south of Baltimore. I’ve decided to go on and get north of Baltimore before I allow myself to turn to goo.
I’ve been singing songs to keep myself awake. One that I’ve been singing I’ve never written down before. Mainly because it only goes through my head when I’m going to Connecticut. I can’t relay the tune here. But it only works if sung at the top of your lungs.
I don’t mind goin’ to Connecticut
I just don’t like singin’ this damned song
‘Cause every time I go into Connecticut
I ride along singin’ this goddamned song

Beautiful, ain’t it? I haven’t written one for Jersey yet. But if I ever do I think I’ll call it Land of the Fucking Fucks. If you’ve ever been to or are currently in Jersey, you know what I mean.
And by the way, a random observation. There’s something fundamentally wrong with braking 76,000 lbs of truck and load using only your big toe. Behold, the power of the toe!

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