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PayPal Sucks

You know, if there is one great mystery left in this world, it’s how PayPal stays in business. Why do we put up with these idiots? While PayPal is great if everything is working like it’s supposed to, if anything goes awry you’d have better luck getting a wildebeest to help solve your problems.
A few weeks ago PayPal decided that they didn’t like my back-up funding source, so they froze my account, with about $500 in it. When I finally got that straightened out I discovered that they’d canceled my PayPal Debit Card. I’m still working on that one. Last week they suspended my brother’s account. And then this week, once he got that straightened out and sent me my salary for the work I do for his company, PayPal decided to suspend that payment. Holy frakkin’ crap! What’s wrong with these damned people?
We’re hardly the only people having problems. Lately nearly everyone I know has had some sort of problem with PayPal. They’ve had payments held or refused when there was plenty of money in the account. They’ve their accounts temporarily suspended because PayPal decided that information that had been in place for months was now suddenly suspicious. And to make matters worse, if you call in to PayPal, you can’t get anyone who speaks English. The only people you talk to are apparently from India, and they’re reading from prepared lists of phrases or something, because they obviously cannot understand a thing you’re saying. How is someone supposed to help resolve your situation if they can’t even speak your damned language?
I’m sick of PayPal, but what can you do? They don’t operate under the same regulations as American banks, and so they can pretty much do whatever they like. Well, they will until their customers have had enough of their arbitrary meddling and file a class action lawsuit or something.

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