Paris Hilton Pisses On Arkansas

I read in USA Today this morning that the Paris Hilton vehicle “The Simple Life” has premiered. Whether or not the show works, I am personally offended by the very premise. Oh, yes. Let’s take a couple of spoiled little rich girls, put them on a farm in Arkansas, and let the hilarity ensue! I don’t have to watch it to know how the Arkansas family (and all other southerners) are going to be portrayed. The pricks who thought this one up have already betrayed their prejudices simply by placing the show in Arkansas. What, there are no farms in New York State, or in any Northern state?
If it’s simply about seeing how a couple of spoiled little rich bitches dealt with “the simple life,” the premise would have worked just as well in rural New York State. By setting it in Arkansas we’ve already been presented with a supposition that the show will be funnier if you toss in some twangy rednecks.
I can only hope that some fraction of the host family’s grace, humor and good nature will show through. But somehow I doubt that the editors and producers will miss an opportunity to make Southerners out to be uneducated backwater rednecks.
Paris Hilton claims it was a learning experience, but still acted like a prima donna at the premier party. So if she learned anything at all, it was nothing of substance. I imagine she fancies that she now has a clue about how “the little people” live. I’m sure she and her friends have had a good laugh over it.

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