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Tinkering. The server was back up last night, but was down again by this morning. I’ve already moved over to my IX server, and I’m thinking of moving everything else, too. Why again am I paying for a server that’s sluggish and occasionally goes down for no apparent reason?
I thought I might have a hangover this morning, but I’m fine. Last night Victoria and I started drinking B-52’s and watched the Heaven and Hell DVD (that’s Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio, under another name). How cool is it that my girlfriend likes Black Sabbath? I was surprised enough that she became a Primus fan. But Black Sabbath? I think that says a lot about the differences between the bands that call themselves metal today and the old gods of the genre.
Well, I should refocus here. Michelle and Ryan are coming over to have Easter dinner. No, friends, it’s not my holiday, but what Pagan in his right mind would pass up good food and fellowship?
I’m going to promise myself that there will be no mention of Eostre or Ostara. I’ll take my chocolate bunnies and behave myself.

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