Ohio Again?

Grove City, Ohio. I’m waiting for a load to get me home. Not that I’m in a hurry. Mama has relatives coming up from Georgia this weekend and she’s adamant that they won’t stay in a hotel room this time, but with her. Which I suppose means that I’ll be staying in a hotel room.
Works for me. I’ve been threatening to do this for awhile. I don’t have any bills this week, so even though I drew a short paycheck, I can swing this. I’m thinking of putting off the recording until next weekened because I still can’t afford a microphone or headphones. So if I do anything in a hotel room, it’ll probably be write. Or play World of Warcraft. I supposed I could also wash my clothes and request a load, and just keep driving.
I’ve been tempted to tease Mama about this. She’s been adamantly against the idea of me getting a hotel room. But now that she wants the relative to stay with her, it’s suddenly not such a horrific idea. Hehe. But, of course, I can’t, and won’t, say anything. She’d take me seriously. And even if she knew I was joking, she’d still obsess about it.
There’s something to be said for getting to sit around in a hotel room buck naked.
Oops! Sorry if I just hurt anyone with the visual imagery.

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