Offended By The Boneyard On XM Radio

I just stumbled across the “Neck Bones” segment on The Boneyard, channel 41 on XM radio. I usually try to avoid it because the segment offends me to the core. This segment plays so-called Southern rock. The songs are set against actors effecting terrible hillbilly accents (that only Yankees can manage), saying things like “I got me one ‘dem newfangled XM radios” and lamenting the fact that he’s out of beer. When he asks his friends, one by one, what they want to hear, each yells “Skynyrd!”
To my mind, if that’s what they think of Southerners and so-called Southern rock, why the fuck are they even running the segment? The stereotypes are so mean-spirited an demeaning that it has turned me against The Boneyard channel. Admittedly that’s no big loss, since the channel plays mostly hair bands from the 1980’s and very little in the way of hard rock or heavy metal.
I would feel better if I wrote in and complained, but i know how ineffective that would be. Any time a Southerner complains about how they’re being portrayed, they’re just setting themselves up for further ridicule. Why bother? I stopped buying Maxim magazine because of their constant Southern-bashing. I’ll stop listening to The Boneyard for the same reason.

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