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Obama Secures Nomination

I’ve stayed up much later than I’d meant to. Just before I was going to call it a night, Fox News played Barack Obama’s victory speech in its entirety. I wound up watching it. It’s always refreshing to listen to a leader who is well-spoken and eloquent, who makes his points clearly and actually has a good grasp on English (a jab at George W. Bush, yes). It’s also refreshing to hear a politician who seems to be speaking his own mind. I can’t imagine asking Hillary Clinton the time of day without getting some pre-determined quip that, in the end, still doesn’t answer your question.
Of course, it being Fox News, as soon as the speech was over, the hatchet job began. I’m still dumbfounded that there are reasonably intelligent Americans who believe that Fox News is anything but a propaganda and misinformation outlet for the Republican party. The guy who first started summing up Obama’s speech could barely contain his derision, and within a few moments they were talking to Karl Rove. Well, I turned it off as soon as the derision began. But it was nice of them to play his speech in its entirety.
After that I was left with Larry King or Glen Beck. Oh, yeah. A real hard choice there. Larry King had on three commentators. A lady from the McCain camp, and two guys, one each from Clinton’s and Obama’s camp. That made for a lively, but balanced, discussion, which I enjoyed. Glenn Beck is a Conservative hack who was discussing Barack Obama’s victory with a guy who wrote a book titled “Liberal Fascism”. No pretense of balance there. Sean Hannity lite is what Glenn Beck is.
Everyone is wondering when Hillary Clinton will bow out. Or even if she will. Obama has the delegates needed to claim the nomination. But Hillary is delusional enough to keep on causing problems. I don’t think she’ll leave the main stage quietly. They’ll have to drag her off, and the whole world will shiver at the sound of her nails scraping the wooden floor as she’s taken away. Or maybe not. Who knows? Even Hillary has to admit at some point that the game is over. I just won’t be holding my breath waiting for it.
I caught a part of a John McCain speech, in which he addressed Barack Obama’s nomination. I just can’t imagine John McCain having a chance in hell of becoming President against an opponent like Barack Obama. A relatively young, vibrant, well-spoken man like Obama against a tired old Bush lapdog like John McCain? Even some Republicans are rolling their eyes at the prospect of John McCain as their nominee. Plus, a lot of people are crossing party lines to support Obama.
The Right-Wingers aren’t having much luck this time around scaring people with the Liberal Boogeyman. I imagine it’s damned hard to peddle that particular lie after the mess the Republicans have made of this country in the last eight years. Despite the Republicans’ best efforts and most clever propaganda, the American people are tired of being kicked in the teeth while the G.O.P. rapes this country for fun and profit.
I feel a sense of hope in regard to the political process this year. We’ve had a Bush or a Clinton for twenty years. Twenty-eight if you count Papa Bush’s stint as Vice-President under Reagan. Most of us are sick of it. That’s what Barack Obama means when he talks about people being ready for change. We need a new direction. Hillary Clinton isn’t it. John McCain isn’t it. I’m hoping that just once in my life I will have a President whom I can look up to and admire for his innate qualities. Not because some political party tells me that he’s my guy, or because some Conservative asshole tells me that I should support my president or I’m un-American.
I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before. But the impression I get is that Barack Obama is the real deal. Hopefully he’ll make it to the White House without Hillary Clinton’s wet dream coming true, and a bullet finding its way into Obama’s head.

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