Notes On A Dream – God-Like People

(Notes on a dream)

Family: Father, Mother, Child, two female helpers

Something extraordinary has happened to them, though I suspect the mother and child have benefited from the father’s transformation. In short, they have all become god-like. All are struggling with it.

The man tells a friends; “how can I return to the valley, when I have been to the mountain; when most of me is still up there?” He sees shadows that are apart from reality, and does not understand them. Some vague shapes, but some distinct ones. Herons. Others I can’t remember. Definite shadows in a scene, like a movie of shadows is being projected onto the surroundings.

At the start of the dream, he was not conscious, but was in a room, in bed, moaning.

Mother and daughter had other struggles.

Mother came into the bedroom. One of the two helpers is writhing on bed. When mother approaches, it stops. Helpers say, essentially, “we tried to stop her.” The mother asks where she is, and they cannot answer. They want to, but are still being somewhat controlled. The mother is momentarily controlled, and forgets what she is doing, but she breaks the control and goes to the closet door; tries to open it. From inside comes a light, like a moving star-field. It’s the child, angry because she’s in trouble, and because she’s being challenged. Clearly the child is more powerful than the mother, but she’s inexperienced. Mother still has the will-power. Mother grabs the girl and makes her stop her manipulations of the two helpers.

Later, the mother again catches the girl tormenting the helpers. This time she is mentally distorting their physical shapes. The mother is so incensed by the cruelty of this that she snaps. She seizes the girl by the throat and tells her, literally, “if you have no more respect for them than that, I will kill you.” She means this in a wider sense; meaning that if the girl is going to be that evil, she should be killed. And she is prepared to kill her.

The child is suddenly the size of a ferret, or a cat, dangling in Mother’s hand, seized by the throat. Her face changes several times, through various inhuman forms. The last is human but feline, not furry, no pointy ears. Her tiny hands are on mother’s wrist, trying to support her weight.

Mother makes a literal effort to kill the child. But some level of understanding is reached by the girl. Mother understands this. She flings the child into the bedroom; by this time a tiny thing about the size of a rabbit. The helpers rush in and pick her up, wrapping her in a blanket. From inside the blanket, two wide eyes peer out, like the eyes of a tiny monkey (or an ocelot?). Her face is still not human. Her appearance is indicative of a fundamental change that has taken place within her. She is no longer the infante terrible.

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