Notebooks & Jelly

North East, Pennsylvania. That’s a town, not a direction. I’m in a dock, being loaded with some sort of jelly or preserves that I’ll take down to a supermarket distribution center in Greensboro, North Carolina. From the amount of time they’re taking to load me, I can only assume that this company makes some of the best and freshest jellies and jams in the country. I say this because they are apparently filling each jar by hand before they load it onto my trailer.
I’ve been passing the boredom by sifting through some old notebooks that I found in a satchel dating back to my U.S. Xpress days. Said satchel had been lost in the general chaos of the attic at the house, and since my exile began has resided at the foot of my bunk in the truck, where it has been largely ignored.
It was in one of these notebooks that I found two long lost short stories, Chester and Lady in a Parking Lot. The latter is rather rough, but the former was a great story. I was rather impressed with myself. Wow. I could actually write once upon a time. Coming across that story gave me some confidence, and makes me want to write more.

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