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Not Why I Came Here…

Sexy Meer KatI’ve been looking at web server host providers this morning. My favorite, and most likely, place to migrate is to a virtual server with RimuHosting. Their services come fairly highly recommended. I’m way beyond “not happy” with my current provider, IX Web Hosting, who started out great but turned unreliable, and whose sad downward spiral not only seems to be continuing but escalating.
With some of the projects that we have on the table, including a local music festival (Capt. Thornton’s 1st Annual Tampa Bay Music Festival), it is imperative that we have a reasonably fast server that we can rely on. What we have to deal with now is slow response times and occasional outages. Plus, on occasion I’ve had the PHP scripts on certain domains stop working. It does no good to write IX Web Hosting, since all they do is imply that it’s not on their end and you don’t know what you’re doing. So… why am I wasting my time with them?
Another important reason for needing a faster and more reliable server is the Malleus Maleficarum. That web site has around 1,000 unique visits every single day. I can’t afford for people to go there and find out that they can’t access the damned web site.
Well, as usual, this issue isn’t the reason I sat down here to write. But now I find myself bored with the idea of writing about hopes, frustration, loss and healing. I think I’ll go check my e-mail one more time, run through Facebook and MySpace, and go find something more productive to do with my day. I’ve already been sitting here for an hour this morning, and I hope that another day won’t slip through my fingers like sand.
Besides… there’s always World of Warcraft.

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