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No Sympathy for O.J. Simpson

I really hadn’t given much thought to the latest O.J. Simpson trial. When is the last time anyone really gave a damn about this loser, anyway? But now that he’s been found guilty, the expected bullshit is being trotted out, and I’m already getting tired of it. It’s more than annoying to hear black people already saying “Well, they finally got him” or “of course they found him guilty”, as if the only reason he’s on trial is because he’s black. Don’t people ever get tired of this bullshit?
A few examples of the bizarre reactions I read.
Jay Brooks, a 32-year-old computer analyst, who is black, said; “It was payback.” He believes that Simpson is as innocent now as he was of killing his wife thirteen years ago.
Another, Chapman Holley, said that the message was even more pointed than that. “Everyone here is talking about how it’s not a coincidence that the verdict comes 13 years to the day” after the verdict in the murder trial. “These jurors wanted payback, and they were going to have the payback to the day.”
This crap turns my stomach. Come on, people. They have tapes of the guy planning the robbery. They have tapes of the guy committing the robbery. He and his small band of armed thugs broke into a man’s hotel room and held him at gunpoint and robbed him. How do these people get off dismissing Simpson’s conviction as “payback”? Does no one have a sense of personal responsibility anymore? There’s no doubt that Simpson was involved in planning the robbery. There’s no doubt that he was present as it was being carried out. There’s no doubt that he’s guilty of this crime. So stop your whining, already.
I guess it just amazes me that someone could be convicted of a crime with undeniable evidence, and there would still be people who can reject the evidence because of the color of a man’s skin. Are there any black people in this country who are actually guilty of the crimes they’re accused of committing? Is every black man who is caught on video camera robbing a liquor store a victim of racial persecution?
Irregardless of whether or not you think O.J. Simpson killed his wife (I do, because the evidence was overwhelming), they have tapes of him planning the robbery, and they have tapes of him participating in the robbery. It takes a huge leap of faith to look at that kind of evidence and say “I don’t care if he planned it. I don’t care if he personally carried it out. He’s innocent.” I’m reminded of an old Richard Pryor joke, in which he said “Who you going to believe? Me, or your lying eyes?”
Fuck O.J. Simpson. And to Hell with the people who could catch the man in a room full of dismembered bodies, eating someone’s still warm liver, and still maintain that his arrest only prove that a black man was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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14 years ago

I’m a biracial person (black and white), and I’ve always thought that OJ was guilty of murdering Nicole and Ron. As far as this new ‘beef’. He’s guilty as sin! You can plainly hear him spewing forth expletives inside the room while making his demands for ‘his belongings’. I agreed with the jury and the judge. Fuck OJ!. The only mistake the judge made was not giving him life. Hey OJ, where’s your cockiness now? I didn’t see any evidence of this at your sentencing. Watch your ass in the shower. You might become someone’s bitch.

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