Neima's Vacation Pics

I finished putting together a World of Warcraft gallery today that I’m calling Neima’s Vacation Pics. The idea is that my main character, Neima, gets bored with all the fighting and decides to take a vacation. What follows in the gallery is supposed to chronicle that vacation.
Yes, I realize I’ve overthought this. Most people would have been content to just put up some random screenshots. But I figure this is a way for people who aren’t that interested in World of Warcraft to go have a walk-around. Besides, it was kind of fun to do.
Now, before the confusion starts, this is not the same Neima that I feature in the book I’m working on. This a character that exists solely in World of Warcraft. Well, as far as I know. She could be escaping at night and carrying out incursions into Everquest II territory.
Actually, that strikes me as funny.

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