My, That's A Big, White Truck …

Well, I’m sitting in a truck in Greensboro. I suppose I’m officially back to work. Mama and my cousin, Doug, drove me up here. I appreciate them both doing that, but I especially appreciate Doug coming along so that Mama doesn’t have to drive all the way back by herself.
Well, they dropped me off. First thing’s first, my dispatcher told me, and handed me a slip of paper. Before Mama and Doug were even out of Greensboro, I was headed to a clinic for a drug test. A random one, don’t ya know. No biggie. My worst drug addiction is to the Goody’s Powders, which I take for the various permanent aches and pains (which I will not list here).
Anyway, when I got back, I was given a truck and a load. So I’m officially back to work. Of course, the load doesn’t deliver until tomorrow morning, about 100 miles from here. So it looks like the first official thing I’m doing after coming back to work is taking the night off. Hehehe.

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