My Ghosts

I woke up with Arumaea and Asria in my head this morning. Been feverishly sending off notes to myself for the last 100 miles or so. Sometimes I wish I could just shut this stuff off. Better not to think about it at all than to have it running around in my head and not be able to do anything about it. Neima. Asria. Arundel. Mesu. Claire. Tanaes. Caldwell. Gods, so many others. And all these intricate, over-lapping stories. It fascinates me. I enjoy crawling through the details and fleshing out bits and pieces of the puzzle. But sometimes I’d like a little peace. Can’t they go whisper in someone else’s ear for a while?
I guess it only frustrates me because I can’t do anything about it. So I jot off a few dozen notes that disappear into the ether on my computer somewhere. Does that count as progress? Or do I actually have to write something first?
See … that’s the problem. When will I ever have the time to do that? That’s the frustration.

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