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My Baby, Part II

I laid down some scratch tracks today for an ancient song of mine titled My Baby, Part II. Victoria really likes the songs, and now that I’m inching toward recording, I figured I’d start with this one. There were some obvious problems with the song. Some of the rhythms didn’t quite work. I had to come up with a new bass line because the old one was too plodding. That precipitated a new drum pattern, which I wound up ditching in favor of a straighter beat.
This scratch track isn’t something I can really use. This was an experiment to see if I could get the song come together. It did, for the most part. It’s going to work pretty well, I think. It’s not the song I thought I would record first, but Victoria really likes it. So we’ll see.
It was fun to finally get serious about recording something. Of course, now that I have, I’m obsessed with the song. Especially given how amazing it’s going to sound. My last recordings were made on a cassette 4-track. Now I have a computer that will record up to 48 tracks of high resolution audio. Geez. The possibilities.

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