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My AIG Solution

I’ve been watching the wrangling over AIG executive bonuses, and I have to say that the whole thing makes me sick. But it’s a perfect example of how morally bankrupt the country’s CEOs truly are. These assholes at AIG ran the company into the ground and still expect to get their bonuses? Isn’t there any kind of accountability in the financial sector? Isn’t a bonus usually something that’s earned? How do you drive a company into financial ruin and still have the raw nerve to expect a multi-million dollar bonus?
I have an easy solution for AIG, which would solve the politicians a lot of trouble. Toss a few CEOs out of the windows from the top floor of AIG headquarters, and then ask the others if they still want their bonuses. If after all that they still think they deserve their bonuses, you know who to pitch out the window next.

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