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I finally talked to Paul Kowalski last night. He seems like a nice fella. Hopefully we’ll hook up and make some music one day soon. I’ve missed having someone to jam with. Now that I’m free of the truck and have a chance at enjoying an actual life again, it’d be wonderful see what kind of musical trouble I could scare up with someone. It’s been a long time.
As for the employment angle, I got a phone call from a vending company today. So far, it’s the only call-back I’ve gotten from the dozens of applications I put in. It’s not ideal. Victoria doesn’t want me to work full time because she thinks it’ll take away from my writing and recording (which I imagine it will). But we need the money. If nothing else, it buys me some time to look for something else while covering our asses here.
It’s just an interview, though. For all I know I’ll go in there and bump heads with a Right-Wing Evangelical who hates Long-Hairs. But I hope it’ll amount to something. Especially with my server renewal coming up at the first of next month. I definitely need to get some money coming in so I can dig my bank account out of the red.
Right now I’m feeling rather positive.

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