(Note: While we here at The Watch are among the first to condemn proselytizing in any form, we think there should be some moderation. The woman mentioned in this article did not seem to be pushing a religious view as much as expressing a personal opinion. We will never find a middle ground until people on both sides of the issue stop overreacting to the small things and under-reacting to the big things. – The Watch)

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Museum Guide Fired for Sex Talk

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — A volunteer tour guide at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was fired for delivering what officials say was a sexually frank lecture to a group of fifth-grade girls.

Stephanie Riseley says she was merely following an approved script in describing “Back Seat Dodge ’38,” a sculpture by Edward Kienholz that depicts a drunken couple embracing in the back seat of a car.

Riseley conducted the museum tour in March for the 10 girls from an elementary school in the central California town of Visalia.

They stopped at the sculpture, an actual 1938 Dodge with beer bottles and sculptures of a faceless man and woman embracing inside.

Riseley said she told the group the piece was an expression of the artist’s first sexual encounter.

“They can see their own reflections in all the mirrors and they understand what I feel he was trying to express: That you only get one first sexual experience,so think before you act,” she said she told the group. “Make it meaningful, make it special, make it beautiful.”

Sharon Bressler, head of the council that fired Riseley, said the lecture was inappropriate.

“It’s not our place to teach religion or sex education,” she said.

Riseley is fighting the termination and demanding an apology.

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