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More Work, Less Pay

Working In A Coal Mine...Another Monday. I’m supposed to be packing up some shipments for my brother, but I’m putting that off until after lunch. For one thing, I didn’t print out everything I need (invoices, postage and such) and can’t do that until Victoria’s break at noon. For another, I haven’t been paid in three weeks. That kind of tempers one’s enthusiasm.
Among the projects on the table…
I have to finish that first faery, Marissa. It’s way along the development path and really only needs that final push. I admit part of me is afraid to finish it, because it might suck and then all that work is just pointless. But when you’ve come this far, it’s imperative that you finish. Besides, I don’t think the next ones will be anywhere near as hard to pull off. I’ve pretty much got the process down now. And the next one won’t be colored by hand, but will be done on the computer. So I won’t spend inordinate amounts of time erasing paper textures and correcting mistakes.
I need to finish Mama’s Mothers Day and birthday presents. I’m re-working some old drawings that I made back in the late 1980’s, of her parents, by importing them into the computer and using Corel Painter to turn them into much better looking paintings. I sent Mama samples to show her what I’m doing for her, and she was thrilled. Now I just need to get ’em done.
I’m going to be putting some stuff up for sale on eBay today. My eBay store has been dead in the water lately. It only seems to do well if I’m selling stuff unrelated to the t-shirts. Like if I put up some old vinyl LPs, the traffic those items draw seem to funnel people over into the t-shirt section, where at least some of them tend to buy stuff. Since my brother isn’t paying me, we’re more desperate than ever to have the eBay stores bringing in something.
Del, my band’s drummer, wants to me to generate a version of our logo that doesn’t have a black background. That’s going to take some time to pull off, and I’m just not all that motivated to do it. But it has to be done. I’ll have to squeeze that in somewhere
I’ll be mixing the band’s multi-track recordings this week, if I ever get my hands on the tracks. Our guitarist, John, was said to be bringing them over last night, but I never heard from him and he never showed. I suppose I’ll get my hands on the tracks at practice next Wednesday, but I would have loved to have finished a couple of the songs before then. Needless to say, I can’t work on the tracks today, but I imagine there’ll be some back and forth in e-mail, so I’ll have to keep an eye on that.
Well, there are plenty of other things on the table. These are just the things that were floating at the surface when I got up this morning. I should stop doing this and move on over to something productive.

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