More Snickering

I just had a strange thing happen to me. I was trying to buy a drink from a vending machine. $1.50. So I put in a $1 bill and two quarters. Well, it spit back out the second quarter. Okay, fine. It happens, right? So I put it back in, and it spits it back out. This process goes on several more times. Finally, I look at the quarter to see if anything is wrong with it. Not a thing. Not a scratch. Not a blemish. Then I notice the year on the quarter. 1965. My birth year.
Okay, I accept that this was just a fluke. But the machine would not take the 1965 quarter, no matter what. Took a 1967 fine, though. I’m not over-thinking this, and I’m not claiming something metaphysical just happened. But I put the 1965 quarter in my left pocket where I keep all my shinies. Who knows? Maybe it’s a good luck charm or an omen or something. Or maybe it’s just a useless piece of junk like everything else in my left pocket. Either way, it made me smile. And I thought maybe I could hear the Universe snickering again.
Okay, you got me.

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