More Fox News Tabloid Politics and A Scandalous Booty

President Obama Allegedly Checking Out Some BootyThe Far Right is desperately trying to manufacture a scandal based upon a photo of President Barack Obama apparently checking out the rear end of a young Brazilian girl named Mayara Tavares. The photo you see here has been breathlessly plastered far and wide on nearly every Conservative web site on the Internet. Oh, wow. You mean our president might actually be a guy? Oh, my God! He might even have a penis and, like, hormones and stuff. Something must be done!

Like anything else that originates with Fox News, this is so much bulls**t. If this photo was the only evidence to support the claim that President Obama was checking out a 17 year old girl, there might be some weight to the story. Then they might actually have been able to pull it off this latest bit of manufactured scandal. Unfortunately for Fox News, and their surrogate trolls, that image was just one frame from video that, when viewed, clearly shows that Obama did not look at the girl’s butt. And that video is widely available.

It’s rather pathetic that this is the best the trolls on the Far Right can come up with. Anyone who watches the video can see that President Obama did not check out this girl. Now, it’s another story for French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who very definitely appeared to be enjoying a look. But that’s beside the point. President Obama was not.

I have to admit to feeling that were some racial undertones to the breathless early reporting on Fox News. Does anyone else wonder if this image (which was widely misrepresented to show a an older black man checking out a young girl) confirms the suspicions of the very knuckle draggers who expected that President Obama would be serving watermelon and fried chicken every night at the White House?

While the video clearly shows that President Obama was not looking at that young girl’s butt, I kept asking myself one question; “What if he was?” Are our leaders supposed to be neutered upon taking office? And really, after South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford (latest in a long line of Republicans to get caught with his hand the cookie jar) recently explained his bizarre six day disappearance by admitting that he had not, as his wife had suggested, taken time away from his children to write, nor, as his staff had said, been walking the 2,100-mile Appalachian Trail, but rather that he had flown to Argentina for an extra-marital fling with a female friend, are there any Conservatives left out there who could, with a straight face, fault President Obama if he had looked at that girl’s butt?

The Republicans have no credibility anymore. Isn’t time we all just moved on? When is this country going to finally get it through its head that anything that originates with Fox News is a joke?

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14 years ago

If the right-wing nutters didn’t lie all the time they’d have to remain mute. They have nothing else going for them, nothing else to talk about, and so they have to make shit up and take non-issues and spin it into something it isn’t.

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