Meeting With Cloninger And Neisler Canceled

Paul Yale called today and canceled our meeting with Cloninger & Neisler to finalize the loan. He said that the he was having trouble getting the underwriters to secure the loan. I don’t think they much care for the idea of putting aside $10,000 in case something comes through. The whole idea is probably beginning to seem like some bizarre stunt. Paul said that we may just have to wait until next May when Mama’s bankruptcy closes out and that last judgment (which is the problem) hopefully disappears.
There are really no words to describe how frustrated I am. This is the third time that we’ve assumed that we were going to be finalizing the loan, only to have the meeting canceled at the last moment. I sick to death of being told the loan is “a done deal” only to find out that it’s not. I don’t appreciate this roller-coaster ride we’ve been forced to endure. The whole thing is hanging over our Christmas because we’re all beginning to feel rather abused.
If we have to wait until next May, if we try again to refinance the house, I doubt very seriously that we’ll be talking to CCB about it. While this all would have been well and good had it worked out, it did not work out. And at this point, there is simply no point in not going ahead with it. We’re too far along in the process.

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