Maryland Republicans

Landover, Maryland. I just left a consignee where I faced Republicans who were frantic that the election results didn’t go well for them. I still don’t know the outcome of the elections, but I know that the Republicans took a beating. Even if the Democrats didn’t regain control of the House.
I had gone back in to get my paperwork. The three women in the office largely ignored me. So I stood there patiently until one finally looked at me and said “Lowe’s?”
I said “No. Epes,” with a grin.
She didn’t get it. So she snarled “You don’t even know what you’re carrying?”
I responded, “Yes, ma’am. I’m carrying a load which I picked up at V_____ in Statesville, North Carolina, which I was tasked to deliver to you here. What you do with it is entirely your business.”
She snarled at me again and went back to bitching about how local Democratic victories meant that somehow their children would be less educated. One of the other women said something about “Half the state will be stupid and the other half will be murdered.”
About that time the forklift driver who unloaded me came in. Since the three women in office were overcome with grief, he took it upon himself to finish my paperwork. I noticed when he came in that the political talk ceased. So, sensing an opportunity to be a pain, I asked him;
“Have you heard how the elections went? I’ve been out of touch.”
He said “Yeah, W’s lapdogs are getting their asses whipped.”
This caused a general ruffling of feathers in the room, which seem to amuse him greatly.
So I said “Democrat?” He nodded. I just grinned and said “Isn’t it funny how that works out? The one person I’ve found in this organization who has actually done some work so far is a Democrat.”
He laughed and said “Ain’t that the way it is?”
And with that, I took my paperwork and left, leaving behind three pissed off Maryland Republicans and one laughing Democrat.

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