Okay, I’ve just about got the theme working right on this dusty little corner of the web site. But not quite. Honestly, it’s making me a little crazy. I’m using the very cool Meta-Morphosis theme by Woo Themes. And while I like its simplicity and think it’s perfect for a sub-page like this, I can’t quite get the damned thing to cooperate. If you’ll notice, there are double posts. Sort of.

Long story short, the featured posts on the left of the main page are supposed to show up when you use a tag for the post called “featured”. That’s it. You put a tag called “featured” in the post and it shows up in the left hand column. Only… it doesn’t. That didn’t work for me. So… someone suggested changing the code that determines which tag the theme looks for. So I did. I changed it to “Headline”. That solved the problem.

But now there’s another problem. The posts that I want to feature in the left hand column are also showing up in the right hand column, and I can’t figure out how to correct that. I think I’ll go have dinner instead.