M.E. Caldwell (novel)

My unfinished novel from the early 1990’s has been re-introduced to the web site. It was never my intention to remove it, but with the half dozen migrations I went through, from server to server to server, somehow it just fell through the cracks among the hundred other tasks that needed to be completed.

The novel has now been given its own section, using its own theme and header. This not only allows me to create a theme that is particular to M.E. Caldwell, but switch up to a theme that makes for better reading. I’ve received a few complaints that stories posted to the standard theme that you see here has been a little hard on the eyes.

Hopefully this new look, which I’ll be using for all novels, each with its own unique header, will make reading the stories online more comfortable. I’ll also be posting PDF versions of some of these works so that you can download them to your iPhone or E-Reader.

Anyway, if you want to re-visit old Caldwell again, you can now find her complete story online.


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