Lost Friendships

Nashville, North Carolina. Just picked up an empty trailer. I’m about to pick up a load in Plymouth, NC that delivers in Billerica, Massachusetts. I briefly entertained the thought of running it on up and trying to turn it in on this week. But I’m tired now. There’s no way I could drive 800 miles by tomorrow morning.
I’m a little down, too. I just lost a friend, I think. She wrote something on her blog about a truck that she didn’t think was supposed to be on a certain road. A few of her readers made a few truck driver directed snarks (or so I perceived). I posted a comment to them detailing a thing or two they might not know about trucks. Well, she took it personally, assuming I was talking directly to her, and she responded angrily.
It was stupid of me to post my comments there on her blog. It was something I did without really thinking. I was tired and something hit me the wrong way. I should have posted them elsewhere as a general rant. But that’s neither here nor there. The damage is done.

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