I have walked a long, hard road,
But at last I lay down my burden.
I can breathe without effort.
I can walk without pain.
I can stand straight and tall
And see clear to the horizon.
I can read without my glasses
And sit comfortably on the ground,
Feeling the wind in my hair
And the sun on my face.
Like I am a child again,
Free of want and far from pain,
And while I sit here,
gazing across flowered plains,
I am surrounded by my animals,
my long lost friends,
Who have not forgotten me,
And who have missed me terribly
As I have long missed them.
What do I see there,
Off in the distance?
What other joys might I
find here in this place?
I smile because I know,
And my soul swells with joy.
I watch the approach
Of my brothers and sisters,
And, smiling ever softly,
Dear Mama and Papa.
We are together again
In this wondrous place
Where there ares no earthly pains,
or worries or trouble.
I leap to my feet
and hug and kiss them,
as they embrace me to them
And welcome me home.
They put their arms around me
And lead me into this place
Which has long since been
Prepared for simple me.
And though I look ahead
at streets of gold
and the all enveloping
Love that surrounds me,
I hesitate and look back
For those from whom I departed.
Must I go now,
When I am still so needed?
When so many miss me
And long for my return?
But I smile,
for I know the answer.
I know that some day
We will all be together
In this place where
The sun is always shining,
Where want and need and desire
no longer have meaning.
So I will go where I must
And prepare the way for others,
As others prepared the way
For me. For me.
I wish for those behind me,
That their hearts could be lifted
That they would not mourn me
For at last I am free.
Remember me as I was,
But take some small comfort
In knowing that I will be here
And I will be here, waiting.
When you come home,
I will come for you
And together we will walk
Arm in arm, hand in hand
Into the glorious bounds
Of paradise.
And I will hope
That you will be ready
To dance.

Kings Mountain, NC
Jul 10 2002
Dedicated to Loretta Lee Chaney
(Jan 4 1935 – Jul 9 2002)

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