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Looking Forward To Tomorrow

The band is coming over tomorrow to record the vocal tracks to the songs we recorded last week. I’m looking forward to getting the songs ready and up online, and then using those to help get the band some gigs. We’re all hoping we can make a living doing this, and we’re certainly good enough. Maybe once some of the tracks are up you’ll know it, too.
I’m tired and am writing for no particular reason. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately of old things, which is as good a reason as any to write a blog.
A few nights ago I was driving around Kings Mountain (in a dream) in my old Thunderbird, thinking about the day I was going to get the car put back together properly and legally documented so I wouldn’t have to dodge the cops. It’s a little strange, in the glaring light of day, to realize that my Thunderbird is long gone. I left it behind in Kings Mountain on the assumption that I’d be able to go back up and get it some day. But the guy who was letting me store it on his shop property sold the land, and my car has long since been hauled off. That’s a bitter blow, to lose something that I held onto for so long. It’s strange that I still dream about it. I imagine I always will.
I dreamed about my old cat, Hannibal, last night. Someone was offering me a present, and when it was unveiled, it was Hannibal. I just smiled and scritched an old friend. It was good to feel his presence again, even if it was only in a dream.
I keep waiting for Spartacus to visit me in a dream, but so far he hasn’t. I wish he would. For the same reason I was glad to see Hannibal. It might have been a dream, but I woke up smiling. I wouldn’t mind getting to nuzzle my little squirrel again. The squirrels in the back yard come running from all corners when they see me out there (apparently peanuts are like crack to squirrels), but it’s just not the same as having Spartacus play in my hair and stick his nose in my ear. I wouldn’t mind a few minutes with him in the dream-time.
There’s a lot of other things going on in my head, but I’m tired and don’t feel like rambling on about them. I’m excited about getting the recordings finished and getting the band working. But I’m also looking forward to being done with the recordings. I’m aching to get back to working on the novel, and I’m beginning to resent the distraction a bit. But I know the songs will be finished this weekend. Next week the band will be giving our show a full run-through. After that the band shouldn’t take as much effort as it has of late. That’s where the fun begins (and hopefully where the money starts coming in). Well, assuming our guitarist doesn’t blow a gasket. He seems to be powered by unstable, experimental fuels sometimes.

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