Looking Forward To Next Week Off

00:33. We’re a little east of Knoxville, heading west on i-40. We’re on trip 7 of 8, on our way back to the Chicago area. Both of us are really looking forward to having next week off.
We both need it. The last six weeks have been rough. It’s seemed like we’ve stumbled from one snafu to another. First we got food poisoning our 2nd week out. Then the truck broke down in the 3rd week. The 4th and 5th weeks saw us way behind because of snow.
This week has been like a finale. We started out good, hit a snag with pickup numbers, then hit a bridge, and have been fighting snow ever since. I just need a break. Ray asked us a about working next week because he didn’t know our time-off was coming up and hadn’t covered it. We weren’t happy, but we would have if he had needed us to. But we’re both relieved that we didn’t have to.
I need some rest. We left my Vioxx at home, so I’ve had an uncomfortable week. And while the jury is still out on Vioxx, it clearly helps. I’m just run-down without it. I’ve been beaten up by this freightliner all week, and I need a breather.
I truly hope that ray and ken come through on our quest for a Volvo. But our expectations in that regard are probably best summed up by the fact that Mara has been collecting the numbers of other trucking companies and driving opportunities. We like this dedicated run and would prefer to do it for any more years to come, but if USX is going to ignore not only our personal issues, but, more importantly, the safety issues we’ve raised about our problems in the docks at our customer in Chicago Heights, then we should really consider moving on. I’d rather leave than injure someone at the customer. And I’d rather not be banged up anymore by a P.O.S. Freightliner Columbia.

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