Lie: Social Security For Illegal Aliens

An e-mail is making the rounds which encourages Americans to sign a petition that is supposed to be sent to President Obama, making the case that illegal aliens should not have access to Social Security benefits.  Apparently there are wingnuts out there who believe that this is a problem.

This petition is an updating of one which first began circulating in mid-2006 (with “President Obama” substituted for “President Bush”), and thus the referenced Senate action took place not “last week” but back in May 2006. Moreover, the Senate did not vote in May 2006 to “grant Social Security benefits to illegal aliens”.

The irony is that in its 2008 annual report, Social Security officials said undocumented immigrants actual benefit the Social Security trust fund. One reason is that many of them pay Social Security taxes but never collect benefits. In previously published reports, Social Security officials have said undocumented immigrants paid about $7 billion  into the trust fund in 2005, the latest year for which numbers are available.

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