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Lesser Degrees of Misery

Yet another day of battling this cold. I actually feel a little better today, though I’m still far from 100%. I rarely get a cold, but when I do it’s usually a doozy.
Been thinking about the band today. I did horribly yesterday, and I’ll be surprised if I ever hear from them again. For the most part, the cold could be blamed for it, I think. I felt terrible, and my thoughts were scattered. I just couldn’t seem to process what it was that I was trying to do. So I wound up making a lot of horrible decisions with my playing and making a lot of ungodly sounds. The songs that worked went really, really well, but the ones that didn’t were laughable.
Oh, well. I enjoyed getting out and meeting some other musicians, even if I didn’t make a good showing for myself. If they call me again, I’ll keep jamming with them, and I’m sure I’ll be dramatically better the next time. If they don’t call, that’s fine, too. I have 1,001 projects on my plate and won’t sitting around fretting about the horror of embarrassing myself like I did yesterday. I’ve got plenty of things to occupy me, and besides, I became a better guitar player by learning those songs and stretching out a bit. So if I never play with these guys again, I’m a better musician for having jammed with them.
Well, I’m going to go check on the chicken pot pie that I put in the oven. I dunno why, but I wanted something more substantial than cereal today. Hopefully this cold will break soon. I’ve had enough.

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