Leaving Harrisburg

Leaving the T/A truckstop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Since I was there all day I figure a wrap-up is in order.
The final bill for re-hanging my trailer door was $125 for parts and $344 for labor. Holy crap! I asked the mechanic if it was a new door. He stared at me blankly and said “Uh. No. Why?” Uh … nevermind.
I discovered that white people must all look alike to Asians. This Asian lady asked me about ten times today if I wanted a massage. Also had a funny buying food. My total was $6.66. I told the lady that must mean their chicken is sinfully delicious. She didn’t laugh.
When I finally got out of the shop I figured the day was a loss and I’d just write it off. Take a shower. Get some sleep. Maybe a little World of Warcraft. Start fresh in the morning. But as soon as the company heard I was out of the shop they put a load on me.
So. I’m headed to York, Pennsylvania to pick up a load that delivers early tomorrow afternoon in New Bern, North Carolina. That’s about 400 miles. Could be there by 02:00 in the morning. That translates to sleep for me. So after I pick up, I’ll head south and cross the Maryland border. And there shall I nap, by God. At least until it’s late enough to sneak through D.C. with no major headaches. On the way to New Bern I’ll stop at our terminal in Chester, Virginia and take an overdue shower.
Oh, yeah. I bought a 5 lb bag of peanuts. Anyone want to bet about whether or not I’ll be able to eat them only in measured amounts as I intended to when I bought them? Geez. What was I thinking?

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