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Late Night Shower

I’m about to go to bed. I just took a late-night shower. Mostly because I was overdue. I got up this morning … well, yesterday morning … with the plan to shower. But I kept distracting myself.
I worked on re-coding the M.E. Caldwell chapter pages. I’m up to twenty-two. I could probably get it done if I quit stopping to check e-mail or look stuff up. I also tend to take short breaks and then not come back to it for three hours.
This is the worst time to write. I’m sleepy. I’m relaxed from the shower. I have a lot on my mind but I don’t have the will to write about it. So maybe I’ll make a note about what I want to write about tomorrow (but probably never will).
1) Caldwell. Working through those pages has been a trip to me. I’ve gotten emotional at times. Not from nostalgia, but from genuine emotion for the character and what she’s going through.
2) The vampire Crewe. On Sunday, instead of working on Caldwell, I unexpectedly wrote what may be the first chapter of Crewe’s book. That’s only significant because Crewe has been with me for so long. And except for the one story bit I wrote years ago, he’s never gotten a proper treatment. Victoria says she likes what I wrote.
3) SoundSoap 2. Audio software for my computer. Noise reduction. Literally the last piece of the puzzle. If came in today. I tested it on a track I recorded that had some hum in it. No more buzzing. Recording in a home environment, I’m going to have a lot of noise to squash. Plus, this means I can finally make digital copies of all of my old cassettes and completely remove the tape hiss. Kick-ass!
Well, my buddy Booger (a cat) has been rolling around on my foot for the past ten minutes or so. It’s a plea for attention that I’ve ignored for longer than is really good form. Plus, Dali (the dog) just came in to check on me. She either has to out or just wants me to come to bed. She’s always restless until Victoria and I both are in the bedroom for the night.
Okay. Booger is lying on his back and is staring at me. Time for a belly rub.
Another day gone. Progress made that only I can chart. Sleep I may not have earned, but which I’ll take anyway.

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