Laid Up in Michigan

Newport, Michigan. I’ve been laid up here since yesterday morning. After my delivery they took their time giving me another load. So I piled up in the sleeper to read Bloodsucking Fiends. Around 16:00, after I finished the book, I crashed. Slept until about 01:00 this morning.
Had all sorts of dreams. Two stick out. In one I was hunting tigers bare-handed (I’m so butch). In the other Mara was on the truckwith me again, but with things the way they are now. I still wanted to hug her and kiss her, and still liked being around her, but I couldn’t. It’s occurred to me as I’m writing that just about every man has had someone he’s attracted to decide that she “just wants to be friends”. But I wonder if I’m the first one whose wife has decided that after eight years of marriage?
My load picks up any time between 06:00 and midnight, and delivers any time before midnight tomorrow. So if I was so inclined I could hide out here in my truck with the curtains drawn. There’s a certain appeal to being able to crawl into my box and shut out the world. But I’m going to get out of here and pick up that load as early as I can, and deliver it later today. Christ, the company has already forced me to take a day off. I don’t want to make matters worse.
Right now I’m trying to talk myself into going into the truckstop for a shower. I’m just not in the mood to deal with people. Oh, I’ll go in. This is the best time to take a shower. Much less traffic this time of the morning. No waiting. I guess I’m just reluctant to leave my box. It’s warm and dark and cozy in here. And if I lay here I can dream about how great things are going to be someday in some mythical point in the future.
Oh, well. Let’s get this show on the road.

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