Korg Wavestation Legacy Collection (Software)

I admit that while I’d heard of the Korg Wavestation, I never knew a thing about it. Well, beyond the fact that it was a synthesizer.

When I bought the Korg Legacy Collection and found myself the owner of a software-based version of the Wavestation, I decided to read up on it and figure out what the hell it does (beyond the obvious).

The Wavestation was designed by Dave Smith, who designed the Prophet-5, Prophet VS and, along with Roland, invented the MIDI protocol in the early 1980s. Suffice it to say, the Wavestation had a pretty good pedigree.

Some folks have said that the Wavestation was Korg’s second major advance (the M1 being the first).It used advanced vector synthesis and wave sequencing, both of which are concepts that are almost impossible to describe the lay person. Let’s just say that while the M1 was a workstation with a sequencer for arranging parts, the Wavestation was a pure synthesizer. It only created sounds. And it did so in a rather unique way.

I won’t prattle on about this. I haven’t used the software version much yet. But it brings all of the flexibilty of the Wavestation to my computer. That’s a good thing. One can never have too many weapons in the arsenal.

[hr] Korg Wavestation Legacy Korg Wavestation Legacy Korg Wavestation Legacy Korg Wavestation Legacy

“The Wavestation remains one of the most evocative,
unusual, creatively designed synths ever.”

– Craig Anderton
Keyboard Magazine


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