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Kings Mountain Gateway Trail

Just got back to the car from taking a walk in King Mountain Gateway Trail. It’s a new walking path that someone has built around the Kings Mountain rock quarry. I used to think, when walking around on those old service roads around the mine as a kid, that it’d be a great area to make a park out of. Someone finally had the same idea. I would have taken some pictures, but the fates conspired against me. I thought ahead and stopped for a pack of batteries before my walk, but the batteries were faulty. I got one or two pictures. But honestly, except for the one picture I got of the mountain, there wasn’t much out there worth photographing.
Well, I need to head back. Mama and I need to head over to Gastonia to pick up the travel trailer from U-Haul. Then we’ll have to go around and beg my relatives for the return of my possessions that they kept for me. From what I’ve heard, no one is keen on giving anything up.

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