Kilo Watts

Got a funny for you. My truck gave my dispatcher a new nickname. Okay, so I should probably explain that the new truck talks. When messages come in over the satcom, I can ask the truck to read them to me.
Well, my dispatcher’s name is K____ Watts (no, I’m not going to post his full name). He signs his messages with his initials, “KW”. That’s where the hilarity begins. The truck voice interprets “KW” as shorthand and pronounces it “kilowatts”. So when it reads me messages from my dispatcher, at the end of the message it says “kilowatts”.
Well. How can I resist that? Naturally K____ Watts is now referred to as “Kilo Watts”. I call him Kilo for short. It was rather priceless to say “Thanks, Kilo” to him this morning when I got him to sign my gate pass, and see him blink at me, wondering if he had heard me right.
I won’t explain it until he asks.

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