Just North of Knoxville

I-75 northbound just north of Knoxville, Tennessee. I’m headed to North Vernon, Indiana. Not a great run, but a decent one. And being that far out means the next load should be good.
I won’t be getting a paycheck this week. Oops. I hadn’t turned in last week’s trips and needed to do so by 11:00 this morning, but I slept too late. Oh, well. I have some money in the bank and food on the truck. It’ll just mean I’ll get one hell of a paycheck next week. I feel like a dumbass, but I’ll survive.
I kinda like that I’m headed to Indiana. That’s a change of pace. I’m sick of seeing nothing but Tennessee, southern Virginia and North Carolina. I’m also hoping to get back up to speed. I’ve been dragging my feet since Christmas and need to ramp it up.

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