John Boy & Billy

Just getting into Charlotte, on my way to Kings Mountain. I spent the night at a truck stop in Statesville because I was going to be so late coming.
Listening to John Boy and Billy. It’s hard going. I’ve been listening to this shtick since I was a kid (yes, they’re that old). It got a lot less funny when they skewed to the right.
Of course, most morning shows suck. Compared to most of them, John Boy and Billy aren’t that bad. But I was listening to a morning show yesterday coming down from West Virginia into Virginia on I-77 that actually had me laughing so hard that tears were running cheeks. It was a stark contrast to John Boy and Billy’s boring Nascar obsession, tired variations on decade old skits and Right-Wing-inspired jabs at Democrats (and anyone with a brain that hasn’t been Bubbafied).
And don’t go writing me defending John Boy and Billy. I travel a lot more than most of you. I’ve heard a lot better. To be fair, I’ve heard a lot worse, too. Opie & Anthony comes to mind. Anyone care to guess what I think of Howard Stern?
Hell, the best morning show is usually on the CB radio, when all the truck drivers are hitting the road after a good night’s sleep and getting wired-up on free coffee from the truckstop.

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15 years ago

So…..what DO you think of Howard Stern? We Conservative Christian Republicans want to know………..


15 years ago

Howard Stern sucks. I think the last time he made me laugh was about a decade ago. Since then he’s just been an asshole who’s obsessed with finding ever more creative ways of getting women naked in his studio.

By the way, I remember who those guys were that made me laugh. They were Bob & Tom. I’ve heard them since, and liked them just as much.

And what’s this about Conservative Christian Republicans? Was my annoyance at John Boy & Billy’s thematic jabs at Democrats seen as a jab at Conservative Christian Republicans? Hmmmm … methinks you reach. 😉