Is New AOL IM Slogan Marketing Blasphemy?

Well, if anyone doubted that the folks at WorldNetDaily were a bunch of idiots, I submit the following from their web site. Apparently America Online has adopted a new marketing slogan for it’s Instant Messenger service, that uses the phrase “I Am” in various ways, such as “I am all you need to communicate.” Well, the nutjobs at WorldNetDaily have taken this and ran with it, contending that it infringes on God’s trademarked phrase “I Am.” I’m sure that if that’s the case, America Online will be hearing from God’s lawyers. We all know how touchy He is about trademark and copyright infringement.

Sniff sniff. Anyone else smell a boycott coming on? Brace yourselves for a slew of e-mails from your well-meaning but clueless relatives about the evils of America Online, as well as the inevitable e-mail petition calling for a Christian boycott of the Evil Empire of America Online, imploring you to stand for what’s right and fight back against the moral decay of the country and those wacky Liberals who want us all to marry goats and worship the dark lord Sauron.

Yes, my friends. There are idiots among us.

If nothing else, it will be interesting to watch the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will ensue. We don’t care if the Republicans dismantle our American Democracy, but we’ll stand up for this kind of crap, won’t we? My God. What have we become?

Here are some excerpts from the WorldNetDaily article.

Is new AOL IM slogan marketing blasphemy?
‘I AM’ pitch takes God’s name in vain, say some shocked critics

When Ian Millar opened up his AOL Instant Messenger program yesterday and linked to the new AIM Triton site, he wasn’t prepared for what he saw.

”I have been an AIM customer for many years, and although I do not use AOL for my mail client, I have recommended it for relatives and friends,” he said in letter to top executives of the company. “In general, I appreciate AOL and your business savvy.”

But when Millar saw the company’s new slogan, he was shocked and disgusted. He was not alone.

America Online is now acting like God – using what some consider to be His very name in a marketing pitch for e-mail, voice chat, video chat, instant messaging, text messaging and other forms of communication.

AIM’s new slogan is “I AM.”

Just so no one would doubt the building / impending outrage, WorldNetDaily saw fit to put up a poll, asking its users what they thought. The results are telling, and rather frightening. Please note which selection got the most votes, as well as the phrasing of “The Marketing of Evil,” a clumsy tie-in to a book that WorldNetDaily has been pushing; The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised As Freedom. “The Marketing of Evil” has become something of a catch-phrase on WorldNetDaily’s web site.

What do you think of blasphemy charge against AOL?

An example of ‘The Marketing of Evil’
26.39% (355)

It’s ridiculous – the words ‘I AM’ is a commonly used English-language phrase
13.68% (184)

It’s a deliberate effort to position the company in a God-like state
11.75% (158)

It’s a mistake by AOL, but the company will not correct it
11.30% (152)

It’s a mistake by AOL, and the company will likely correct it
10.71% (144)

It’s a well-deserved charge, I’m kissing AOL good-bye
10.48% (141)

This is ‘spiritual correctness’ – and it’s as bad as political correctness
8.25% (111)

3.27% (44)

Some people are just hypersensitive
2.75% (37)

It’s an innocent oversight by AOL
1.41% (19)


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