Leaving Silhouette

Shutting Down Indie Frontline

On January 1st, 2014, this web site will cease to operate and this domain will forward to an Indie Frontline archive on my personal site. Pretty much, I finally accepted that the Indie Frontline project is never going to get off of the ground, and that my interests lie elsewhere.

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Guitar Demon

Return To Zero?

I’ve been considering switching this web site back over to my personal site. Or at least re-directing it until I figure out whether or not I’m ever going to actually do anything under the Indie Frontline banner. It’d suck to dissolve this site and then decide that we’re actually going to move forward.

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Rob Seven

A Nod to Robert Seven (RF7)

Here’s a video about one of our favorite freaks. Rob Seven, of Asheville, North Carolina, was featured in the 2010 Freaks of Asheville calendar. Rob’s been doing his own thing his own way for a very long time, making a living as a folk artist and bona fide eclectic thought-provoker.

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Snake Oil Salesman

Peddling Snake Oil to Musicians

One of the inevitable truths of being a musician is that there are always going to be people looking to make a buck off of you. This point is driven home in brutal fashion if we just pay attention. One such disappointment presented itself today in the form of a new web site.

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One Leg Rooster

One Leg Rooster Rebroadcast

Back on February 12, 2012, North Carolina stalwarts One Leg Rooster hung out with me via telephone to tape an interview and discuss their career, music and their amazing CD, “Runnin’ From The Colonel”.

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