Idiots & The Interstate

Okay. Pet peeve time. What is it with these idiots who flash their damned highbeams at you when they start to come around you? Especially the ones who seem to think it’s necessary to flash their highbeams at you four or five times. You’re in the passing lane on the Interstate, you idiot. Stop blinding me with your damned highbeams already. I’m much more likely to run over your stupid ass if I can’t see for the ghost images you’ve burned into my retinae.
Personally, I think the IQ of the average American has fallen into the double digits. Either that or there’s some kind of subliminal code being broadcast over television that’s turning Americans into sheep (the ones it doesn’t turn into fuck-tards).
Come on. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. How many traffic jams have you been in that turned out to have been caused by a cop on the shoulder with a capture, writing someone a speeding ticket? And the sheep are meandering around bleating their concern. Should we get over? Can we pass? What should we do? Slow down to 40 miles per hour, just in case.
Okay. This is for all those idiots who cause these particular traffic jams. The sign says “move over or slow down for emergency vehicles” It does not say “move over and slow down”. Move along already, sparkey.
And what about the idiots on the westbound side of the Interstate who slow down to 40 miles per hour because two idiots have had a fender bender on the eastbound side? We have a five mile backup because there’s a minor accident on the other side of the Interstate? What the hell? Oh, wait. The state trooper on-scene, who is parked safely on the shoulder on the other side of the concrete divider has his lights flashing. That must’ve triggered their subliminal programming.
I think a perfect example of how stupid people have become occured just north of Charlotte, North Carolina this afternoon. There was an electronic traffic sign that was flashing three messages. “March 27th – 10:00 AM / Reduce Speed / Expect Delays”. This sign alone caused a traffic jam today, March 5th. I imagine it’ll cause a traffic jam every day until March 28th, after the crisis has passed.
Something must be done. I believe some of these people can be saved. Those who cannot be saved should be shot right there on the side of the road at the scene. Their vehicles should be confiscated and sold to support the general monetary fund for the rehabilitation of those who can be saved.
Okay. I jest. I jest. That’s a bit extreme. But they should at least be shot in the leg and told “I didn’t want to shoot you, but you’re fucking stupid. That’s your warning. Now move along and pick it up before I have to kill you and confiscate your vehicle.”

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