I Like North Carolina

I like North Carolina. Why do I ever have to leave it? I took a wrong turn and wound up in the wrong warehouse’s parking lot. A security guard came out. He was very friendly, and told me how to get to where I was going. When I reached the shipper, they were very friendly, too. I was going to sweep out my trailer because it has tobacco dust on the floor, but the lady told me not to worry about it, that she spilled more tobbaco than that just opening a pack of cigarettes.
By contrast, if I had been in the Baltimore area (where I’m going), the security guard would have yelled at me and told me I couldn’t turn around there. And at the shipper, they would have been pissed off because the trailer had not already been swept out before I backed in.
I used to think that I wanted to leave this state for good. But after visiting the other 47 states (continental, I mean … shut up!), I have learned that North Carolina has quite a bit to recommend it.

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