Honk If You Love Bush/Cheney

Marines after a flag ceremony in KabulThis is a bit personal, but I wanted to relate a story. I just saw something on the highway that made me think about how sickeningly the Conservatives and Republicans have twisted everything.

There was a mini-convoy of three cars, each with lettering in the windows. One said “bringing our Marine home.” They all said something like that. The last one said “honk if you love USMC.” I respect this kid and his commitment to this country, so I was going to toot my air horn and wave. Then I saw the bumper sticker and the “&” in front of it.

So the message read “honk if you love USMC … & Bush/Cheney”.

Well, I couldn’t bring myself to toot my horn then. I support the troops, but I cannot in good conscience show support for the neo-con megalomaniacs in the White House. Here this young Marine was returning home, probably from Iraq or Afghanistan, and was deserving of my welcome. But someone couldn’t resist turning his homecoming into a political statement. How typically Republican.

I decided to toot my horn anyway. I didn’t care if it meant that someone in that caravan thought it meant that I also supported Bush and Cheney. But by then they were out of range.

It saddened me to think that the Republicans have so twisted the political discourse in this country that I can’t thank that young Marine for his service without also tacitly approving of the Republican agenda. And if I don’t show support for or I criticize the Republican agenda, then I am not supporting that young Marine.

I wonder if any of the fine men and women in the Service, who are in Iraq trying to help a struggling new democracy to its feet, have any idea what the Republicans are doing to our democracy at home.

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