Hillary Clinton's Big Lie

Apparently now that Hillary Clinton is almost assured of losing the Democratic nomination for the upcoming Presidential race, she’s begun to sum up her losses in the simplest terms. She’s now complaining that her campaign has been dissed and damaged by people “who are nothing but misogynists.” Her failure to lock up the nomination, which she obviously feels entitled to, has nothing to do with her record of supporting the Bush Administration, her relative lack of political experience (she’s only in her second term as a senator – her first political office), or the ever evolving pack of lies that she trots out as her qualifications. She believes that if she loses the nomination, it’s because she’s a woman. Simple as that.
Personally, I think that if she loses the nomination, it’s because she’s an asshole. For me Hillary Clinton represents the same old Washington politics. She’s gone to the Republican playbook, saying anything she needs to in order to discredit her opponent, even using Right-Wing media outlets to help her do so, and we’re supposed to see this as positive change? And why is it that so many can’t seem to grasp that Hillary wasn’t the president in the 1990’s, but Bill was? Electing Hillary is not the same as re-electing Bill Clinton.
I’m tired of hearing women whine about how those dastardly men are trying to steal the nomination from Hillary Clinton because they don’t want a woman as president. If Hillary was a man instead of a woman, she would have been run out of the race a long time ago. If anything, she’s been afforded more respect because she’s a woman, not less. People are afraid to handle her too roughly politically because they know there are a lot of women out there who are going to see any criticism of Hillary Clinton as proof of rampant sexism.
I believe this country is ready for a female president. I just don’t think Hillary Clinton is it. I’m sick of hearing women complain that she’s not getting support because she’s a woman. If the only reason you’re supporting her is because she’s a woman, you’re an idiot. That’s a stupid as voting for Obama just because he’s black. Or voting for McCain just because he was a P.O.W. Obama’s skin color or McCain’s captivity have no bearing upon their capability as president. And it certainly doesn’t make Hillary Clinton more qualified because she has a vagina.
The women in this country need to stop being so sexist themselves. If you’re only supporting Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman, you’re a sexist, because that means the only reason you’re not supporting Obama or McCain is because they’re men. Get over your prejudices and join the rest of us in the real world. If you take a long, hard look at Hillary Clinton separate from her sex, you might see what a lot of the rest of us see; that she’s a political opportunist that wants us to believe that being the wife of a politician makes her more qualified than anyone else for the office of President. Pretty much, that seems to be what her campaign is based upon. She wants us to remember the Clinton years with warm fuzzies, and forget that in reality she is a second term senator who had never held political office before going to New York and assuring the voters there that if they voted for her that she would not run for president, but would complete her term as their senator.
I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton because I can’t stand her. She represents a kind of slash-and-burn old-school politics that I think most Americans are sick of. The fact that she’s a woman doesn’t enter into it for me. It’s Hillary Clinton as a person that I can’t stand. Her sex wouldn’t stop me from voting for her, but it certainly wouldn’t be the reason that I did vote for her.
Let’s face it. If Barack Obama hadn’t entered the race, Hillary Clinton would be the presumptive nominee. In fact, she entered the race apparently assuming that the nomination was already locked up. She ran her entire campaign as if the Democratic nomination was a birthright. And if not for Barack Obama, she would have been right. If not for Barack Obama, who could have really challenged her?
I’m tire of hearing Hillary Clinton whine about how every criticism of her is based upon her sex, when she and her husband have both repeatedly implied that the only reason Barack Obama is the fore-runner is because he’s black. Someone making racist statements should not complain about perceived sexism. You can’t have it both ways, you know.

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