Hideous Screwdrivers

I bought a set of screwdrivers tonight. They’re hideous. The grips are black with a red flames outlined in yellow. Needless to say, I did not buy them because I thought they were pretty.
I bought these screwdrivers because some of them are quite small. Perfect for, say, putting a new hard drive into a laptop computer. Not having the right tools is the main excuse I’ve had for not getting off my lazy ass on the weekends and alleviating the pain of my long-suffering laptop.
As much as I’ve put this off, I’m rather surprised to find that I’m sort of excited about it. But I should be, shouldn’t I? I have lots of cool software to put on there. Amplitube 2. Ampeg SVX. Korg M1. And I’ll be getting GigaStudio shortly so that I can start tinkering with the sample library I just got.
But it all starts with replacing that hard drive and starting fresh with Windows XP. And dammit, that means screwdrivers. Even if they are hideous.

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