Hesitant Resolutions

Florence, South Carolina. Still. I’m at the Freightliner. Again. They just backed the truck out of the shop and, I think, took it for a spin to see how it’s doing. Hopefully, I’m about to get the hell out of here.
I suppose there are worse ways to spend a weekend than sitting around in a hotel room, eating cheeseburgers, pizza and Chinese (food) while playing World of Warcraft. But the truth of the matter is that I regard this as a set-back. While the company will pay for my hotel room, it was hideously expensive to eat out for four days. The three taxi trips between here between here and the hotel cost about $50, and I won’t be reimbursed for that. Plus, there’s the lost income. Four days is most of my week, which means I won’t make shit come payday.
Essentially, after all the conflagration over the house, I thought I was about to start getting things together. Now I’m just starting over. Again. This is getting really old.
Oh, yeah. I just noticed it’s become October, too. I honestly hadn’t noticed. I was too busy taking screenshots of the dragon in Stormwind yesterday to notice it was the first day of October. I kind of wish I could have flown over to Southshore to work on the quest for my Felhunter minion. Doesn’t that sound more interesting than waiting for some goobers in Florence, South Carolina to finish eating their fish and get me the hell out of here, so I can go home and wash clothes and try to squirrel away my old Thunderbird somewhere before somebody hauls it off (that was supposed to be done over the weekend)?
But World of Warcraft doesn’t pay. It’s probably a good thing I don’t win the lottery. I know all too well what I would do with the rest of my life if money was not a problem. But at least then my gaming characters would be well-supplied, yes?

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