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Headed to KM … Finally

Headed to Kings Mountain. Not in a great mood. Although it all gets better once you’re headed home. After I made my last delivery in Wilmington, Epes sent me over to New Bern to pick up a load. It was a drop and hook. Sweet! So I dropped my empty trailer, hooked my loaded trailer, and pulled around to the office to be sealed.
I waited three hours for my paperwork. Doh!
Oh, well. I finally got my paperwork and got the hell out of there. I don’t know how long it’ll take to get to KM. But I expect to get in around 21:00. So much for getting home on my birthday.
The Safety Department just called me. We discussed the accident. I reported the same thing from about four different perspectives, but finally got across exactly what had happened. I was actually grateful to finally get to tell the story. The messages on the satcom last night made it seem like someone was fashioning a noose. But in the end, the man from Safety thanked me and said “I think that’s all I need.” Good deal. No noose. No long walks off of a short plank.
Anyway, I’m headed to KM. That’s a good thing.

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