Having At It (again)

Well, the recent habit of numbering work periods collapsed when “short break #2” turned into “short nap #1.” The pattern never recovered.
Today was productive, but nowhere near what I had hoped for. Relatives visited this afternoon and were largely in the way. I was polite enough that I didn’t say anything when they, and Mama, camped in the living room in the middle of the boxes I was working on, and were also blocking any possibility of moving boxes out of the house with the handtruck. I don’t mean this in a bad way, like I’m angry about it or anything. I just wound up losing precious hours while they were here. And by the time they left, my energy was gone. So for the most part, this afternoon was a complete waste.
The biggest hold-up today (I keep thinking of it as yesterday, since I took a nap this evening), was my bedroom. I had concentrated largely on the other areas of the house, and I discovered today that there was a whole hell of a lot of packing to do in the bedroom. There’re always 101 nicknacks and doo-dads that need proper sorting. That was incredibly time-consuming. But that’s mostly done.
Now I’m hoping to get the rest of the boxes on the truck. I’m shifting focus here to get the larger and heavier stuff on the truck. I don’t think I can finish getting everything out of the house today. But at the very least I can get the things into storage that I can’t take over in the van.
My company has given me the rest of the week, without complaint. Gods, I love my company. I’ve never worked for an organization that’s so understanding and patient. That means a lot to me. Contrast them with my last company, U.S. Xpress, who told me while I stood by my father-in-law’s coffin at the grave-site that I’d already had four days off, and could not have another. I don’t know whether my company’s official policy is to be so understanding, but it goes a long, long way in securing my loyalty.
Well, back to work. Let’s see how much damage we can do here. It’s dark. I like that. No one can really see what I’m up to.
My cousin, Doug, took a lot of things from my tool shed today to keep at his house for me. While I was helping him get some things out, I couldn’t help but notice that one of my neighbors was sitting on her back porch, watching the activity with what seemed like dismay. As I told Mama, she looked like she “didn’t like it one bit.”
I’m beginning to wonder if these people actually thought that I would just leave behind everything, and that they could then come in and scavenge their little windfall. Surprise, surprise, heifers. If I leave behind anything, it’ll be because I choose to do so. If you scavenge anything, it’ll be the junk I’ve left behind. Not the pick of the litter.
Hell, if that’s what they expected, it’s no wonder they were practically dancing in the front yard the day I signed the paperwork to sell the house. They thought I was just going to walk away with the clothes on my back and they could have their pick of what I left behind.
I readily concede that I may be being unfair here. But this is a general impression that I’ve been given. If it’s true, it boggles the mind that anyone could be that stupid. Or, perhaps more accurately, that anyone could believe that I could be that stupid.

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