Happy Turkey Holocaust Day

I have a love/hate relationship with Thanksgiving. I never know how to approach it. Mostly because I try to remain thankful for my many gifts the entire year ’round. Each day when I spend a few moments in the backyard with an affectionate squirrel, I am thankful. Each day when I have a chance to hug Victoria I am thankful. Whenever I talk to my mother I am thankful, and all-too-aware that I have been blessed with the kind of sweet, caring mother that most people can only experience through television shows and Hallmark movies.

Today isn’t a day of giving thanks to me, because I give thanks every day. So for me, Thanksgiving is about good food and fellowship. It’s about family. It’s a good excuse to get together even with the people who annoy you the rest of the year and enjoy a graceful moment together, when all animosities and angst can be set aside. But even when you deal with the relatives who make you crazy, you should be thankful for them, because they make your life more interesting.

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